Business Coaching

Looking For More Personalized Training?

Remodelers University is the perfect solution for learning at your own pace, on your own terms. But if you’re in need of instruction and assistance based on your specific company needs, then our one-on-one business coaching may be the right choice for you. Our remodeling industry authorities will work with you to identify and overcome the challenges that are preventing you from reaching your goals, and will act as a sounding board as you explore avenues for improvement.

Our Coaches Hold You Accountable

The coaching sessions are designed to focus on your specific issues – marketing, sales, production, administration, growth, personnel, or strategic planning — move at your pace, assist you in developing practical, doable action plans, and hold you accountable to the goals you set.

Our Coaches Deliver Tough Love

On top of their years of remodeling industry experience, our business coaches are handpicked from our facilitator team. They believe in our process, have seen the results that are possible, and are dedicated to helping you reach your potential and build the best company possible, one that allows you to earn more and work less. Each of the Remodelers Advantage Business Coaches are prepared to push you, cajole you, challenge you, and drive you to make the improvements that will make a difference today, all based on your personal goals.

What are the benefits of working with a Remodelers Advantage Business Coach?

  • They have seen the inner workings of hundreds of remodeling companies and understand which best practices deliver the biggest bang in increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Because they understand the business so well, there is little to no learning curve for them to be up to speed and ready to help.
  • They’re part of the Remodelers Advantage community so they have access to decades of accumulated knowledge to incorporate and use.

Who uses a business coach?

Many remodelers have this misconception that only unsuccessful or struggling businesses require business coaching, but this is not true. Our remodeling experts work with remodelers of all shapes and sizes – those producing $500,000 annually to those producing over $5,000,000. The topics our coaches cover include growth strategies, diversification, increasing productivity throughout the organization as well as marketing and sales.

Think about professional athletes. From Tiger Woods in golf to David Beckham in soccer, all world class athletes require the expertise of a coach to hone their skills and help them excel in their chosen field. These athletes understand the importance of having someone to guide them, to point out things they don’t notice, to encourage them to perform to the best of their abilities and to keep them focused on their goals. Just as sports coaches are a necessity for athletes, business coaches are essential for people in remodeling.

How does the process of business coaching work?

When you work with a Remodelers Advantage Business Coach, you’ll follow a step-by-step process in bi-weekly or monthly coaching calls. Your meetings will be arranged for a specified day, mutually agreed upon by both you and your business coach. While the initial program includes six coaching sessions, you can increase the number of sessions as needed. The length of time you will work with your coach depends upon the depth of your issues and your need for that sounding board.

A Remodelers Advantage business coach will act as your business advisor, your friend and your confidant. They will ensure and maintain the confidentiality of all the data collected and shared during the business coaching period.

Ready to take your business to the next level?