Managing Your Money

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I’m going to assume you’re interested in making money, right? Well, that doesn’t “just happen” because you own a remodeling business. Money is made through strategic planning. By taking conscious actions. You plan for profit by using budgets throughout the company, by accurately estimating the costs of the projects, and by using financial reports to monitor your progress.

In this course, you’ll learn how to structure the major financial reports, and then how to read the information they contain – information that will tell exactly how to improve the performance of your company. These reports include the Profit and Loss (or Income Statement), Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Forecast and more. Plus, you’ll learn about financial ratios – a simple, but sophisticated tool to help you monitor the health of your business at any point in time.

But no matter how accurate your monthly financial reports, you can’t make profit happen if you’ve not been able to sell the job at the proper price.

So we’ll also help you develop your company’s pricing policies, all based on your needs for personal compensation, overhead expenses, and profits.

And lastly, we’ll explain why Percentage of Completion Accounting is the gold standard for the remodeling industry – and then, if you haven’t already, you’ll learn how to implement this process within your company.
The ultimate goal of this course is for you to develop a plan for profit that is customized for your company – taking into consideration your vision of the future of your business.

So often see remodelers who work many, many hours and make very little money to support themselves and their families. This does not have to be so. By creating a solid plan and following it, every remodeler can have a wonderful life, supported by work they love. Including you.
So are you ready to earn more? Let’s get started!

Below you’ll find a list of the lessons included in this course. Happy Learning!

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