Production is not only a huge part of the customer experience, but it is also where your money is won or lost. As a result, your production department has three main goals – complete the job on time, within budget, and with a happy client as a result. This is admittedly a challenging list of goals but, when they are accomplished, life is beautiful! Clients are happy and send referrals, you are happy because the company made money, and your team is happy because they accomplished a difficult goal.

So what are the keys to a successful production department? Whether it’s employees not meeting their responsibilities, or simply lacking the expertise they need to do so, an owner who micromanages the project and won’t let the production team do their job, poor communication, unclear (or non-existent) job descriptions, or even simply not having a clear picture of the company’s goals, there are any number of pitfalls that can have a negative influence on a job and the company as a whole. Some of the most respected authorities in the industry will help you solve all these problems and more in the lessons below with a membership to Remodelers University!

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