Estimating for Profit

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Accurate estimating is an essential skill if you want to build a successful remodeling company. At its core, estimating is the process of calculated guessing by looking into the future at the costs of a project before work on it has begun.

Creating a proper estimate will help you charge the client enough to make a profit on the job, and will also guide you in keeping the project within budget.

Miss an item in an estimate and more than likely, you’ll find yourself eating that expense – and that comes right out of your profits.
You might be able to explain the mistake to the client and ask for additional payment, but is this a situation you want to experience?

In today’s competitive marketplace, the estimate can’t have lots of fat to cover issues that might occur either. If you want to be the contractor of choice, you need to be lean and mean.

In this course, we’ll be talking about creating a system for estimating – a system that will help you eliminate mistakes, accurately assess the various needs of a project, increase efficiency while driving down costs, and understand when to make price adjustments due to specific job conditions.

You’ll hear tips from successful remodelers across the US and Canada on methods for increasing accuracy and capture every detail. Our goal is to help you be confident in your estimating results each and every time.

Below you’ll find a list of the lessons included in this course. Happy Learning!

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