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Your office (aka your administration department), is an essential part of a smooth operation. The team members in this department handle an array of duties that support other departments as well as the business as a whole.

These duties include:

  • Financial management – from data entry and file management to generating and monitoring reports.
  • Human resources – including managing benefits, government reporting, payroll.
  • The physical office –space and furniture as well as all office equipment.
  • The IT department – researching purchases, managing software updates and dealing with the techs who do the actual support – whether in-house our outsourced.
  • Client communications – dealing with invoicing, customer service issues, and more.
  • And of course, additional duties may be added as needed!

So you can see that the person in charge of the administrative side of the business must be highly organized, able to multi-task and shift focus often, and show empathy to both clients and peers.

In this course, we will share several different ways that you can organize this department. You’ll learn what company meetings are essential, how often these meeting should be held, and how to keep them productive. We’ll talk about how to make your company scalable by developing easy-to-follow systems and processes.

Let’s get started…

Below you’ll find a list of the lessons included in this course. Happy Learning!

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