Consumers today seem to be trained to look exclusively at price when making a buying decision. It’s our hope you will never be the cheapest remodeler in town because those who are rarely make enough profit to build a great company. But, to overcome this inclination, you must understand how to identify your clients’ needs and show them how your service solves their problems and that you deliver value that is much greater than the dollars they will invest.

The good news is that selling skills can be learned and improved by investing the time to learn the best techniques, having the guts to try new approaches, monitoring your results, and believing you are worth every penny. This course concentrates on the mechanics of building your own selling system, starting with the way you structure your sales department – even if it’s a department of one. Some of the most respected authorities in the industry will teach you which activities drive sales, how to overcome common objections, back-of-the-house topics like compensating salespeople and the sales-to-production hand-off, and more. Access these lessons and more below with a membership to Remodelers University!

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