Our curriculum covers topics organized into six subject areas - Finance, Marketing, Sales, Business Operations, Estimating, and Production. Each course has a varying number of lessons and, with the exception of The PowerStart 5, they can be completed sequentially or in any order that suits your needs.

Our Curriculum

Get off to a strong start with these five "Quick Boost" lessons. Here we'll give you immediate, actionable tasks and lay the critical groundwork for your success.


The five lessons contained in this course are designed to get you focusing on one key component in five critical areas of your business: operations, sales, production, business management and finance. The purpose here is to get some processes and systems in place immediately, things that can have a big impact with little time investment on your part.

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Understanding the flow of money in and out of your company is a skill mastered by all successful remodelers. Absorb important principles behind pricing, profits, and financial acumen.


In this course, you’ll learn how to structure the major financial reports and then how to read the information they contain, information that will tell exactly how to improve the performance of your company. These reports include the Profit and Loss Statement (or Income Statement), Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Forecast, and more. Plus, you’ll learn about financial ratios – a simple, but sophisticated tool to help you monitor the health of your business at any point in time.

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Discover the secrets to generating the business you need to feed the company machine, including how to target the clients you want, how and when to turn up the marketing volume, and the most effective lead generation tactics used by the best in the business.


Marketing is the engine that keeps the business flowing. Without a well-designed marketing and lead generation program in place, you’re at the mercy of the marketplace. In addition to leads, effective marketing is at the core of positioning your company in a way that allows you to sell at the profit margin you need. In this course, we’ll cover many different aspects of marketing, from branding and positioning, to inbound marketing, social media advertising, and more.

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Selling skills can be learned and improved by investing the time to learn the best techniques, having the guts to try new approaches, monitoring your results, and believing you are worth every penny.


This course concentrates on the mechanics of building your own selling system, starting with the way you structure your sales department – even if it’s a department of one. You’ll learn what activities drive sales and how to overcome common objections, and we’ll also discuss back-of-the-house topics like compensating salespeople and the sales-to-production hand-off.

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Business operations means different things to lots of different people, but the topics covered in this course are extremely important to the future success of your company.


In this course we’ll cover topics related to business operations such as setting up your business, running your office, building your team, administrative responsibilities, legal structures, setting up your physical office, and more. Whether you just decided to start your own remodeling company this year or have years of experience, these topics are extremely important because the way you set up and run your business impacts many other decisions now and far into the future.

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Accurately estimating the costs of a project is a key to profitability. Learn how to eliminate surprises and create consistently clear-cut estimates every time.


Accurate estimating is an essential skill if you want to build a successful remodeling company. At its core, estimating is the process of calculated guessing by looking into the future at the costs of a project before work on it has begun. In this course, we’ll be talking about creating a system for estimating – a system that will help you eliminate mistakes, accurately assess the various needs of a project, increase efficiency while driving down costs, and understand when to make price adjustments due to specific job conditions. You’ll also hear tips from successful remodelers across the U.S. and Canada on methods for increasing accuracy and capture every detail.

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Production is where the rubber meets the road. Discover how to manage your team to deliver the three big client promises on every project - on time, on budget, and a delighted client.


Production is a huge part of the customer experience and it’s also where your money is won or lost. The production department has three goals - complete jobs on time, complete them within budget, and having a delighted client as a result. This is a challenging list of goals but, when they are accomplished, life is beautiful! Clients are happy and send referrals, you are happy because the company made money, and your team is happy because they accomplished a difficult goal. So what are they keys to a successful production department? This course is dedicated to answering that very question.

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