FAQ: Getting the Most out of Remodelers University

Remodelers University exists to help remodelers achieve three key things:

  • Above average owner compensation
  • A very healthy net profit year-after-year
  • Reasonable working hours that allow a rich life outside work

But simply having a membership isn’t enough. You need to put in the effort and be committed to improvement.

Still, it can be a bit overwhelming when you first log in, so here are eight tips for how to best use Remodelers University for your professional growth and ongoing learning:

1. Start with Course One

You are welcome to bounce around and take the courses in any order you like, but course one is the “primer coat.” It lays the foundation you need to succeed. The lessons in this course are designed to get you focusing on one key component in five critical areas of your business – operations, sales, production, business management, and finance.

The goal of course one is to get some processes and systems in place immediately, things that can have a big impact with little time investment on your part.

2. Schedule University Time

Set aside one hour per week on your calendar for Remodelers University. Treat this recurring appointment like any other meeting you have scheduled. Don’t cheat yourself by skipping out and don’t allow interruptions. You need to focus on the information given and take the time to implement, research, or practice the lessons learned. You may even consider going to a quiet place off-site, away from the interruptions of your typical work environment.

3. Use the “3x Rule”

Watch the lesson straight through and without interruption once to get the gist of the content. Then watch it a second time with pen and paper to take notes, pausing when necessary, so that you can zero in on the details. Finally, watch the lesson a third time after you’ve taken the recommended action-steps to make sure you didn’t miss anything and that you’ve implemented everything that was taught. (This third viewing could be days or weeks later.)

4. Fight the Urge to Skip Lessons

As you work through courses, you may come upon a lesson that you think is too basic and that may be the case. However, there could still be a nugget or two of valuable information that you hadn’t considered. Don’t cheat yourself!

5. Browse the Resource Library

The Resource Library is full of hundreds of templates, documents, and spreadsheets for you to download. It’s a great place to go when you need something, but you could be doing even more with it. Take five minutes of your weekly University time to randomly surf through the different vaults. Strive to find one new unexpected gem per week!

6. Use Your Discounts

Members get a discounted rate on all our products, services, and live events. You can save hundreds on the acclaimed Extreme Business Makeover and the annual Remodelers Summit, presented by Remodelers Advantage and REMODELING Magazine.

Visit our events page and the bookstore to take advantage of these discounts!

8. Read the Weekly Member Newsletter!

You will receive these emails every Saturday Morning. Make sure to review them! You’ll also get important information about upcoming events, webinars, and exclusive member-only offers, as well as any updates regarding Remodelers University.