Business Management Resources

Article: Growing Your Business – Evolution And Revolution

Every business goes through stages as it grows. Some can be exciting and…
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Benchmarking Best Practices Worksheet

The most successful remodeling companies regularly follow a series of Best…
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Business Best Practices: A Checklist

Use this checklist of Business Best Practices to determine how well you are…
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Contingency Plan Checklist – Company

A Contingency Plan Checklist for your company

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Contingency Plan Checklist – Employees

A Contingency Plan Checklist for your Employees

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Contingency Plan Checklist – Facility

A Contingency Plan Checklist for your Facility

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Core Values Example

Whether they are written or not, your core values are embedded in every aspect…
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Creating An Effective Employee Handbook

Use this template to help you create a thorough, clear Employee Handbook….
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Critical Company Meetings

Meetings can be a fantastic communication tool to help communicate to the…
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Emergency Succession Plan Template

Philip Anderson, President of HDR Remodeling was kind enough to share his…
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My SMART Goals

Putting goals in writing is the first step to accomplishing them. Use this…
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My Work Diary

Are you working 70 or 80 hours a week? Guess what: that’s not good! Learning…
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Sample Business Plan Development Worksheet

Your Business Plan is a roadmap to the future for your remodeling company….
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Sample Flash Report 1

Use this spreadsheet to create your own Flash Report — a short, easy-to-read…
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Sample Flash Report 2

Use a Flash Report to provide you with metrics on the most important parts…
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Sample Networking Tracking Worksheet

Keep track of your networking activities with this handy worksheet. Investing…
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