Financial Resources

2018 WIP & Margin Variability Report

Judith Miller’s Margin Variability Report for 2018.

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An Organized Financial Statement Chart-Of-Accounts

Financial Statements that are logically organized are much easier to use…
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Budget Development Tool

Use this set of spreadsheets to create your Annual Budget, one of the most…
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Completing Your Work-In-Progress (WIP) Worksheet

Use this set of instructions in conjunction with the Work-in-Progress (WIP)…
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Creating An Accurate Annual Budget

Review this Annual Budget Spreadsheet to see an excellent example.

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Draw Request Tracking Form

Use this form when it is time to request a draw payment from a client.

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Emergency Telephone Directory Template

Use this template to document all necessary Emergency telephone numbers and…
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End-Of-Year Administrative Procedures: A Checklist

End the year with all i’s dotted and t’s crossed by following this end-of-year…
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Golden Triangle White Paper

The Golden Triangle helps us understand what we mean when we require all…
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Handling Over/Under Billings from the Work In Progress Statement

Over and Underbillings are a result of tracking company finances using the…
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How To Allocate Indirect Expenses In QuickBooks

This document provides instructions on how to track and allocate indirect…
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How to Handle a Job When it’s the Owners Home

So, you want to remodel your own home but don’t want to turn your books upside-down?…
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How To Handle Rebates and Discounts On Your Profit & Loss Statement

Accurate financial statements are the foundation of a strong business. Use…
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How to Track Different Revenue Streams

Keeping track of your various revenue streams in QuickBooks can be challenging….
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How To Use Purchase Orders To Control Job Costs

Use this document to understand and help you implement a Purchase Order system….
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Job Cost Report Example

Job Cost Report Example from QuickBooks

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Labor Burden Calculator

Use this excel-based calculator to discover your true (fully-burdened) cost…
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Margin Variability Checker

Use this test to ensure you are following all Remodelers Advantage best practices…
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Move From Cash To Percentage-Of-Completion Accounting

Percentage of Completion Accounting is the format that is right for most…
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Outsourced Payroll in QuickBooks

How to capture the gross wages + labor burden onto the jobs
and balance dollars…
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Owners Draw – Where Does it Belong?

Where do I put my owner’s draw? Does it belong on the P&L? Should is…
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RA Sample Chart of Accounts

RA Sample Chart of Accounts Excel File

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RA Sample Chart of Accounts – IIF File

RA Sample Chart of Accounts – IIF File

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Reviewing Financial Statements: A Diagnostic Tool

Learn how to review financial statements and quickly uncover problem areas….
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Sample Balance Sheet

Your company’s Balance Sheet contains a great deal of valuable information…
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Sample Balance Sheet

Use this sample Balance Sheet to build your own in the most common format…
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Sample Cash Flow Worksheet

Cash is king. Use this Excel Spreadsheet to help you track, manage and predict…
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Sample Profit & Loss Statement

Use this sample Profit & Loss Statement to organize your company’s financial…
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Sample Progress Payment Reminder

Use this form to remind your clients about payments made as well as upcoming…
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Sample Work-in-Progress Spreadsheet 2

Use this document to track projected profits, revenues and more. This is…
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The Golden Triangle Chart

Use this test to ensure you are following all Remodelers Advantage best practices…
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Understanding Your Balance Sheet

Your Balance Sheet contains very valuable information that will help you…
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When To Move From QuickBooks

While QuickBooks is the most popular accounting software used by our members,…
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