Sales Resources

Bathroom Idea Worksheet

Use this document to help you capture and record the client’s wish list for…
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Company Presentation Brochure Example

Review this attractive Company Presentation Brochure used by one of our successful…
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Contract Clause Examples

Often, a remodeling company owner feels the need to add information to the…
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Happiness Chart

The Happiness Chart – Compliments of Craig Deimler – Set expectations from…
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Kitchen Idea Worksheet

Use this worksheet to capture and record your client’s kitchen wish list….
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Qualifying Prospects: A Sample Telephone Script

Use this telephone script template to help you identify prospects who are…
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Sample Agreement: When Homeowner Is Handling The Painting

If you allow your clients to handle painting on their own, be very clear…
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Sample Client Meeting Notes Form

Use this form to document the many details and decisions discussed at your…
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Sample Construction Management Agreement

Use this agreement to confirm a client’s commitment to use your Construction…
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Sample Construction Services Retainer Agreement

This document is a template for a Construction Services Retainer Agreement….
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Sample Contract Addendum: Mold Responsibility

Add this clause to your contract to help protect your company in the event…
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Sample Cost Plus Contract

If you’re considering Cost Plus pricing for a project, this  contract template…
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Sample Cover Letter For Design Submission to Client

Use this template to create your own cover letter, setting expectations with…
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Sample Design Agreement

A design agreement is the first step in the design build process. Use this…
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Sample Design Build Agreement

The Design/Build business model can be wonderful because it creates small…
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Sample Design Build Agreement 2

Review this Design/Build Agreement and compare it with the other examples…
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Sample Design Schedule

This is an example of a schedule for the design phase of a remodeling project….
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Sample Draw Schedule Form

Use this form to create a Draw Schedule for your client, preparing them for…
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Sample Feasibility Study Agreement

Use this template to create your own Feasibility Study agreement. A Feasibility…
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Sample Feasibility Study Agreement 2

Create your own Feasibility Study Agreement — typically a first step in…
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Sample Handyman Terms and Conditions

If you offer Handyman services, this document can be used to communicate…
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Sample Lead Intake Sheet 1

Use this form to capture all of the pertinent information from new prospective…
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Sample Lead Intake Sheet 2

Use this form to capture all pertinent information from prospective clients.

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Sample Lead Intake Sheet 3

Use this form to capture all pertinent information from a new prospective…
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Sample Letter Of Intent

Follow this template to create your own Letter of Intent — a tool that encourages…
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Sample Letter: Thank You For Selecting Us

Use this template as a starting point in a letter for your clients. Send…
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Sample Letter: Declining To Participate In A Project

This template can help you create a polite, friendly letter to let clients…
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Sample Letter: Encouraging Prospects to Respond (Humorous)

This letter was written with the intent of getting non-responsive prospective…
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Sample New Client Prospect Process Checklist

Follow this checklist of tasks to make sure that all new client prospects…
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Sample Project Development Agreement

Use this agreement when clients commit to design development with your company.

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Sample Project Task List For Salesperson

Use this task list to help your salespeople collect all of the information…
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Sample Questionnaire For Deck Clients

Understand the needs and wants of your client before designing and building…
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Sample Release Of Liability

Use this sample to create your own Liability release, to be signed by your…
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Sample Request for Referral Script

Learn to easily and confidently ask for referrals from your clients by learning…
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Sample Sales Commission Plan 2

Considering adding a sales team? There are many forms of sales compensation…
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Sample Sales Cookbook

A sales cookbook is the recipe for generating leads. Typically followed by…
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Sample Schedule: Design Through Construction

Review this schedule of a project from design through construction. Adapt…
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Vendor References Example

This is an example of how one successful remodeler provides a vendor list…
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