Paul Winans, CR

Paul WinansPaul Winans, CR, ran a highly successful remodeling business with his wife, Nina, for 29 years before they sold it in 2007. Their systems-oriented approach, with manuals for every position which were used as part of a continuous training program, contributed greatly to the company’s success and their ability to be away from the day-to-day running of the business for cumulatively up to four months each year.

Paul is excellent at getting to the essence of what he’s heard and helping his clients look at their situations in new ways, providing suggestions based on his real life experiences. Paul’s background and long-time involvement in the remodeling industry nationwide give him the ability to provide tried and true suggestions and tips on how to handle a challenge. He is currently the Owner of Winans Consulting, deeply committed with his wife to promoting a balanced life by sharing their wealth of knowledge and experience with small business owners.

Paul Winans
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