Questions about your account, password, billing, etc.

How do I update / change my credit card?

Once logged in, navigate to the My Account page. You can find a direct link in the upper right had corner under your name. Once there, click the “Billing” tab. Here you can update your existing card or add a new card to your account.

update cc#

I am upgrading to Roundtables. Will I still have access to the University?

Absolutely! Remodelers University is included in your Roundtables membership. 

Can I give my staff access to the University?

Remodelers University accounts are only valid for one user account.

However, if you are a Roundtables member, you may add up to 8 individual user accounts at no extra charge. To add or remove access provelages, visit the “Employee Accounts” tab in the My Account page and follow the instructions.

Note: In the circumstance of multi-seat Roundtables memberships, this feature is only available to the Primary Roundtables Account Holder.

Why can't I just share my login credentials with my staff?

Because if you do, we’ll hunt you down.

Just kidding.

Of course that’s an option. If you are a University member and would like your staff to watch some lessons, sharing your login information is an easy way to avoid purchasing additional accounts. But there are risks!

Keep in mind that your account page includes personal account information and credit card numbers. We cannot be held responsible for the bad things that can happen when you share your login credentials.

Also, sharing a user login means you won’t be able to track which lessons have been completed by whom. So please think twice before taking the chance!

*Remember, Rountables Peer Group members may add up to 8 additional user accounts to the University at no additional charge.