FAQ: How to Use this Website

What's the difference between a Course and a Lesson?

A Course is the primary subject being taught. Within a Course are the individual lessons pertaining to that subject. You can access courses and lessons from your account or by using the search function on the website.

How do I track my progress?

At the bottom of every lesson you will see a “Mark This Lesson Complete” button. Simply click this button to check off the lesson. Please note that  once you’ve marked a lesson complete, it cannot be undone but you will still have access to it.

Do I have to do the Courses and/or Lessons in order?

We have organized the Courses and Lessons in a specific order that we believe provides the best results in the long run and this is the order we strongly recommend you follow as you work through the University.  However, there are no restrictions or prerequisites on the content and you may visit any Course and view any Lesson in any order you like. The only exception to this is The PowerStart 5, the lessons for which must be watched in sequential order.